The energy of the Sisterhood of the Rose is emerging in many ways to bring us the messages we need to hear.  From Selenna come two books highly recommended reading for those of us who love and honour the rose energy.  Thank you Selenna for your beautiful work.  Thank you for inspiring me to blog again!  Crissie Hendo

Many years ago my partner and I had a visitation from Isis and Osiris when they told us of our soul connection, asked us to help them and gave us a task to fulfil. From that moment our lives were forever changed. Despite living quite ‘normal’ everyday lives, the pathways that were opened up have given us increased knowledge that inspires us daily. I had written one novel before this event, but the novels I have written after draw on these increased understandings and awareness.

Isis has been a constant source of inspiration and it was no surprise when the Sisterhood of the Rose came into my consciousness. As far as I am aware, the Sisterhood was formed in the time of Lemuria when the physical body was being anchored in this dimension. Atlantis was a stage for further development where beings split into two physical genders. Its work at this point involvesd ritual where rare energy could be crafted and this work is what has been chronicled in my latest two novels, Daughter of the Sun God, The Fall and Grace.

From The Fall, the Oracle has awareness, but she cannot tell the High King, Odan, about what is happening for him:

Drawn to the Sisterhood with an urgency which is completely incomprehensible to him, Odan is compelled to go to them when they call. He knows that his position makes him a supreme masculine symbol, but he has no notion of how the circle of the Sisterhood is using this energy.

I cannot tell him that the continent of Lemuria, birthplace of the feminine, needs to be anchored in the physical and the intention of the Sisterhood’s ritual is to merge the principles. To do this they need the High King of Atlantis. The clarity and power they tap into comes from a chamber deep within Danuih where the crystals seeded aeons ago open their petals lovingly, with no resistance, to receive. Beyond this chamber lies Lemuria and its unabashed innocence, waiting for a catalyst to catapult it into the future. Necessary to aid the reconciliation of the two continents of logic and intuition, the crystals hold this intelligence and give it willingly as the women draw this upwards into their bodies… it overflows outwards into the ground, spills through the veins and valleys of ourselves… through the cells of the High King as a living portal into our hearts and minds.

Daughter of the Sun God is in two volumes – Vol 1,The Fall and Vol 2, Grace – and they came from a deep yearning to discover Atlantis intimately and to write the story of Altea America. The gestation was an absolute joy, filled with love, exhilaration and many surprises, as once begun, I have written it through the filter that my personal karma determines but the Universe – and its many messengers – has dictated the direction and focus.

In discovering Atlantis, I met Altea, Holy Sister of the Order of the Sun, High King Odan and the Sisterhood of the Rose… and learned of their connections in the higher dimensions throughout Time. I learned how the Sisterhood, with its intrinsic feminine energy, influenced and shaped its masculine counterpart throughout the ages, and how the malevolent forces blamed the Sisterhood for reflecting their own fear. It is what we have lived through for centuries!

The Fall takes you specifically to Atlantis; while Grace brings you to the post-9/11 present where you are invited to recognize how we are still responsible for The Fall and how atonement will bring peace, both personally and globally. These books were written for you and I invite you to join me in the discoveries within their pages…

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