All of those who remember their sacred origins as Sisters of the Rose or as Friends of the Sisterhood have at one time or another signed the Ancient Lineage Contract.  And so every person who comes to me to find their true origins and to move in to what I call ‘rose consciousness’ at one time or another needs to be reminded of this contract. 


It is just a fact of life – nothing to be worried about – however the ancient contracts are limiting us in our current life – why is this – well so we can now become aware of them and release them for the benefit of everyone – as we release our bindings the ripples on the water spread and envelope everyone with whom we are in contact, friends, family and clients and the energy is lifted, lightened and changed.


And so you are being sent your contract.  See if you remember it – look at it, feel it and feel the sense of blessed relief and release that comes as you understand who you really are – the nature and role of your essential self in this life and in others – and release the contract – and as you do bring in the beauty and charm of the rose energy to help you in your everyday life for the greater good of all concerned!


Today I face this ancient contract

One that has been with me for centuries

Turning black into white

And white into black

Holding me down and back

Chasing me down the ages

Muffling my voice

Hiding my face

From the world as I cowered in fear of recognition.

In the age when I was created in the Garden

That wonderful Garden of Eden

I was tall and proud, a goddess in my own right

My hair cascaded down my back

It was bright and light like the wind

I held onto feathers whenever and wherever I could

I waved them in the wind

A sign of defiance

A sign of consciousness.

What happened later was harder to accept

Particularly when I see it from this perspective

Because now I realise the patterns

Of energy and significance

They have come with me from that time and place.

My sacred self was invaded with the spectre of fear

Once I left the safety of the Garden

And walked into the other world

I became different

I had to hide my form as the Goddess of Light

I had to cover my right brain and work only from my left

I had above else to hide my light, my intuitive genius, my difference.

I was so successful at dissembling

I began at last

To believe my own propaganda

I weaved my way through the cycles of life

I was reborn in different times and different places

The knowledge embedded in my DNA

I hid it so well that no-one suspected

Who I really am.

Today marks the change

Today I release the need to hide

I walk free and whole

Ease and joy and glory

Now taking precedence in my life

I open my arms to the world and embrace life

I am my full self my own person

I am free at last I am free

I greet the glory of the rose

And welcome its essence into my life

I remember who I am

And all is well in my world!

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