Happy Christmas season to the Rose Family,

This is a special time – it is the night before Christmas and the energy is vibrating and expectant.  I have just had the most wonderful meditation – in the meditation for the first time I have been able to see the total nature and extent of the Rose Library.  I have accessed it many times in the past from one aspect or another.  This is the first time that I have been able to see the full extent of the wisdom and knowledge that we can share together. What an amazing font of knowledge and wisdom this is – how extraordinary that at last we have access to so much knowledge that we once thought was lost.

I am having the most interesting reminders of how much the energy is opening up with the calls that I am receiving and the requests for additional information that keep coming through.  Some of you may already know that the Rose Council is what we might call the governing body of the Sisterhood.  These wonderful esoteric beings are always around when we need to have special enlightenment and encouragement.  So on Christmas Eve I urge you to keep in touch with these beings whenever you meditate and see what fascinating information they may have to offer you.

I am posting here in this blog tonight information from a sister who has recently made contact.  It is wonderful to share the stories of how the search is made and the sisters found.  Here is her story – and remember if you would like to share yours please do contact me.

I first came to “know about,” or reawaken, to the Sisterhood a few years ago. I was working as solitary Reiki healing practitioner. For many years, I was aware of the Sisterhood of the Rose, Goddess sisterhoods, and women working in accordance with Mary Magdalene. It came as no surprise to me that I was drawn to the Sisterhood myself because of the work that I was doing, and the visions that I had. But it took a few years for my work to marinate.

Since I was a young woman, I have always been drawn to goddess energy. I would have dreams and visions, mostly of Isis, and later Kwan Yin, that were prolific and lucid. They would assist me with my healing with healing energy and any information that was pertinent to my clients. Sometimes, they would just appear to me in dreams as energy or in a relaxed, friendly way so that I knew I was being supported on my Path.

As my young adult years went by I began to receive what I call “messages from the Rose.’ Roses would appear to me in abundance…in dreams, in waking life, and in visions. It seemed to me that every word, song, and poem was about roses. I began to receive energy transmissions from Mother Mary and messages from the Goddesses. It was then that the reawakening of the Divine Feminine Matrix was revealed to me.

Historically, women were not allowed to access sacred texts and teachings. As they were considered the secrets to enlightenment, and this sent the message that women didn’t have the right to their own divinity. There are more women spiritual teachers in America than anywhere in the world, yet their voices have not been heard, but that is changing. Sacred traditions honor and connect us to one another. I was guided in a dream to change my direction to reflect these changes.

Suddenly everywhere I looked there was information about the Divine Feminine and the Magdalene Grid. The Magdalena energy was re-emerging. The Light Body and new channels and meridians were opening up. These channels and meridians have been closed for many, many years and are once again opening. There has been a great deal of clearing and activating on the left side of the body and in the heart area.

The process involves the return of the Divine  Feminine energy and the activation of the Magdalena Codes within us. We are re-opening the Magdalena grid in our bodies on the Planet. The Divine Feminine energy is flowing once again, and we are gradually activating those codes within us that will allow us to once again embrace Creative Joy and Lightness – the energies of the Cosmic Creative Feminine. This influx of Light will perpetuate a quantum shift in Humanity’s energy, vibration and consciousness, and assist all Life in ascending up the Spiral of Evolution.

Lisa Schoonover is a Reiki and Rose Ray Healer, Divine Channel, and Professional Writer. She has lived and traveled around the globe in order to spread enlightenment, and worked as a teacher, facilitator, and healer in an attempt to assist others on their Paths. She is currently working on her spiritual travel memoir entitled  online “The Indigo Butterfly.” Lisa currently resides in the Bay Area and is open to hearing from othe Sisters on the Path. lisa_schoonover11@yahoo.com


Thank you Lisa for sharing your story with us.  Once again warmest wishes to all for the Christmas season.

From Cris

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