At last I am writing my blog again and  I take this opportunity to wish everyone the wonders of the Christmas season. Do hope you all enjoyed Mr. Paddy – he is a special being who can bring lots of fun and laughter into our lives as he opens the door to a magical kingdom – one we can integrate into our daily life once we understand it.

Over the past months and days I have been receiving many emails from people concerning the Sisterhood – only natural as it is my job to help many of you to remember who you really are – in many cases the individuals concerned have had a reading where the Sisterhood of the Rose has been mentioned.  It is interesting just how often this pattern is being repeated with different people, mainly women, in different parts of the world.  So the group and individual memories are returning – I must interject here too to mention that in my view – this memory – this memory of the Sisterhood we are order seeking in order to remind ourselves of our true origins – is not a passive thing – it is not necessarily going to sit there within our reach once we remember this sacred connection.  Memory is something we work for and a fair bit of that work is physical as well as spiritual.

I am often disturbed by the fact that some people think that the spiritual line of the Sisterhood can be accessed simply by receiving the memory.  The work of the Sisterhood is like nothing else I have ever experienced. The depth  and grace and meaning of the work is something I shall always treasure – I hope that you will too and that the sacredness of the work will bring you to a point of great awareness in your life.  It is not always an easy solution – the sisterhood brings with it an amazing path – consciousness is not always an easy ride– and the new age has absolutely no relevance here.

So now I move to a sister who has asked me to post something on her behalf, which I am delighted to do.

Hello!  I am a writer and healer in the Bay Area who has been on the Rose Path.  I have mostly been a solitary practitioner and would like to connect with other sisters in order to enrich the way as well as share with and support one another.  My email is  Please contact me directly in order to share your experiences of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Once again my best wishes to everyone for the Christmas season.  Cris

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