This is just a reminder about the Healing Fields of Heaven.  The Healing Fields are an integral part of the sacred geography of Heaven as seen through the eyes of the Rose energy.  As most of you know this blog has taken the place of the Rose Transmissions Newsletter.  I hope to update it regularly with the latest news of the rose energy.  So this post is a simple reminder that the Healing Fields are waiting for you should you wish to visit.  Use the following poem to gain access should you have forgotten how to go there –


Janus smiles and turns gently towards you

You press his face

On many points

To open the rose gate

Over and over

Pressing, trying, generating

Changing at last opening

You look before you

At the sacred landscape

Of glorious Heaven

The Healing Fields beyond you

You stand enthralled

Gazing in rapture

At the sight greeting your eyes

The tents are scattered

Seemingly random

An unknown pattern

Across the verdant green

Of the grass

A gentle breeze reaches you

Your eyes fill with tears

You scan the field

And notice the detail

The tents are shaped


They seem to move and change

As you watch

Your guides surround you

Senior rose archangels

Generous in their efforts

To heal your pain

You step inside

The sacred space

Walking slowly between the tents

Until you find yours

You know it at once

And you enter without pausing

Your safety house

The tent is purple

And the mauve of its essence

Beams directly into your being

Generating peace and joy

The rose archangels

Enter your tent with you

Your healing space

Is now completely safe and private

Rose symbols pulse and vibrate

As your tent is illuminated

With healing rainbows of light

Generous gifts are given

You are surrounded with love

Time passes

The ground rocks

And your healing sojourn

Brings you profound appreciation

Of the wonders of life

You and your sacred escort

Leave now

And you return at once

To Mother Earth

Charged with joy forever

And so it is!

With best wishes for your rose journey


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