Twenty One Days

Teach Yourself Self Renewal in Twenty One Days

Table of Contents:

DAY 1: Letting Go

DAY 2: Becoming Flexible

DAY 3: Changing a Past Choice

DAY 4: Appreciate Nature

DAY 5: Pleasure

DAY 6: Contact a Long Lost Friend

DAY 7: Understanding How Things Really Are

DAY 8: Creating your Personal Cosmic Egg

DAY 9: Releasing Past Associations

DAY 10: Mark Today out as a Special Day

DAY 11: Creating a Special Objective

DAY 12: Making a Declaration of Intent

DAY 13: Going Somewhere Every Day of Your Life

DAY 14: Refusing to allow Negativity to Enter Your Life

DAY 15: Talk to your Body

DAY 16: Pay Attention to your Breathing

DAY 17: Getting Things Done

DAY 18: Make Friends with Nature

DAY 19: Dedicating Sacred Space

DAY 20: Introducing Your Special Box

DAY 21: Saying a Special Thank You


Copyright Cris Henderson


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