Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys of The Soul

An outline:

This book consists of a series of powerful, guided soul journeys, which take the reader on a personal adventure in self-development.

This section consists of journeys of celebration, every one a declaration of delight in itself. Each journey covers a specific topic and each one builds upon the one previous journey.

The series is designed to provide a mechanism for personal development and stress relief.

The journeys are simple, straightforward, yet often deceptively powerful in their orientation and may obtain outstanding results.

This book is no ‘quick fix’, but it does provide a path of personal growth that is non-threatening and supportive to the individual. It is designed for carrying around easily in a compact format, enabling easy access to the information it contains when the individual is traveling, resting, at work or at home, in need of a quick glance or possibly requiring more in-depth support.

The journeys have been used in practical circumstances and individual results have shown profoundly positive effects.

Many of the journeys were published in Insight magazine, and the positive role of the editors of Insight in bringing the journeys wider coverage is gratefully acknowledged.

However in this form they are a connected journey of the soul that anyone can experience in their own way.

Copyright Cris Henderson


“Sacred Journeys of The Soul” is an eBook and available for immediate download.

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