Sacred Journeying

Sacred Journeying

The unconscious mind is uncharted territory; its existence is understood but most of the time we only know a mere fraction of what goes on there.

What we do know is that the greatest journey one can ever take is the journey to the very centre of one’s being.

The real journey that we are all required to take is the journey of integration, self-realisation and fulfilment – this is the journey inwards, the journey to the centre of the soul.

By the time you have completed this series of sacred journeys you may find that a number of subtle, sometimes barely perceptive shifts, have occurred in your consciousness, and that you have travelled a long way on your journey to the centre, otherwise known in these courses as the Rose Road.

The purpose of this series of sacred journeys is to assist people in the development of their personal creativity, thereby stimulating individuality and innovation.

Each journey opens a magical portal to another world so let your imagination fly and move into the sacred journeying by stimulating all of your senses.

These abilities are sometimes underdeveloped in relation to the rational or logical side of the brain, the left side.

The sacred journeys seek to stimulate the right side of the brain, ultimately assisting individuals in the management of their own lives in a positive fashion.

The sacred journeys provide a platform for working towards improving health, wealth, and general well being.

At the same time as opening an external portal they open an internal portal, a doorway to a section of our essential selves.

Some people find it best to read the journey first, however each individual is different and there may be varying experiences for everyone.

Recording these experiences in a special diary is just one way to chart the changes.

Most of all, please enjoy the journey!


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