Money Meditations

Money Meditations

An outline:

Money Meditations consists of a series of powerful guided meditations, which take the reader on a personal journey of self-development and discovery in direct relationship to the topic of money.

Each meditation covers a specific topic, and each one builds on the one before. The series is designed to provide a mechanism for personal development and stress relief.

This book is no ‘quick fix’, but it does provide a path, which is totally non-threatening and supportive to the individual.

The book is designed to be carried around easily in a compact format to enable easy access to the information it contains when the individual is travelling, resting, at work and needs a quick glance, or at home, and needs more in-depth support.

The meditations are simple and straightforward and deceptively powerful in their orientation and results.

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“Money Meditations” is an eBook and available for immediate download.

Price: $15.00

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