Journey With The Fairies

Journey with the Fairies

An excerpt:

Journeying in the Australian outback inspired this book.

Every day of the journey something so magical and fascinating caught my eye that I was moved to record it.

Later on the fairy journeying book became a reality as it developed and combined with colour, imagery and symbols to reflect the beauty and the harshness of the Australian frontier.

It was not long before the vital differences of the Australian fairy kingdom to the fairy kingdoms in other parts of the world began to emerge quite naturally.

The magic of the Australian fairy kingdom became more prevalent the more notice I took of the fascinating connections.

Emerging myths state that Australia is the place where components of the fairy magic, so prevalent in European traditions, are being coordinated and stored to keep this knowledge in conditions of safety.

As a result and over time the Australian outback may gradually change to reflect the essence of this legend, the weaving of the old and the new together.

Those who elect to take this journey step by step may find that the integration of the old and new will occur within their own immediate environment, wherever they are situated geographically.

Choosing to be aware and committed as you take this journey certainly will help to bring gentle insights and clear vision to assist your own journey. Or perhaps simply opening the book to select one journey to begin your day in a gentle and positive way may work for you.

Copyright Cris Henderson


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