The Last Masked Ball in Atlantis and Other Poetic Stories

An excerpt:

Atlantis is the ultimate land of imagination and dreaming.

An individual’s journey to creativity and innovation begins
in many different ways, usually as a child.


My river opened and ran free

At the age of four

When I saw the Green Man

At the bottom of the garden

A fairy figure he spoke to me

And I believed in him

I saw into other worlds

And my imagination ran free

Until I spoke of it

And a vice descended

And cut me off from this New World .

I was firmly pushed

Into the physical world

I walked the fine line

Always knowing that other world

Was there

But never again able to touch or feel it.

And through the years ahead

I ran a race with Time

Running down the years

Until I could experience it again

Searching whilst I ran

Faster and faster

Copyright Cris Henderson

(For further information refer to my blog October 17th 2009)


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