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Nature’s Flowers of Life

Flower Essence Remedies with gem elixirs.  These  vibrational healing essences assist in transforming challenges such as relationships, abundance, grief, anger, and self-worth. They gently assist in addressing underlying emotional causes for physical pain, discomfort, illness, negative emotions or crises. To heal the body you must first heal the deep-seated feelings that cause these disturbances.

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Brenda Kay – Light Worker

“The gift of Psychic Art has been with me from the age of 12. Following a spiritual awakening in 1994, I began working consciously with this gift and my Spiritual/Healing journey began.

I was introduced to Reiki and meditiation in the same year. These were life changing experiences which sent me on a search for understanding of my Self and my soul purpose here on Earth.

This search has led me to travel extensively throughout Australia and UK and has brought with it many skills and much knowledge and experience on all levels.

My aim is to share the wisdom gained on my journey with all those who are in need of what I offer in healing service.”

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Conscious Gateways

Mary Shaw is the Founder of Conscious Gateways which provides High Vibrational Spiritual Training Programs.

She is a Sister of the Rose and continues the work of the Sisterhood by facilitating growth in others.

In her many years in the Metaphysical arena she has founded and created many new modalities and courses. eg: “Isis Seichim” “The Heart of Isis” “The Rose Vibration” “The Magdalene Seals” “The Labyrinth of The Rose” “Soul Matrix Energetics”

She is the co –author (with Mike her husband ) of : “For the love of REIKI and ISIS SEICHIM”

She also facilitates Mystical tours to Egypt, Peru and France.

Mary’s passion is working with the Multi-dimensional aspects of the SOUL.

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Travelling The Initiation Route In Egypt

Mystic Mouse

“This spiritualist website promotes an understanding of all forms of spiritual and personal development.

While not subscribing to any one belief or doctrine, the site rejoices and delights in the incredible diversity of ideas out there.

Mystic-Mouse aims to keep you informed of events, courses and places to go where you can learn more about the spiritual way of life.”

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Rosaline Temple

As the world enters the long awaited “Age of Aquarius” the new energies surround us, expanding our awareness while challenging our intellectual thoughts about ourselves and the other “beings” living on this planet.

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Sisterhood of the Rose and Friends

Women and men alike are being drawn to understand the nature of the sacred contract that they have with the universe, and how they can work in co-operation with the Angelic realms.

This website was created for the woman and men all over the world who are awakening at this time, and remembering who they are, and why they are here.

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Lesley Fanelli

Lesley is a freelance writer and spiritual researcher.Her main areas of interest are energy-charged sacred sites of Europe,the Knights Templar,mystical symbolism, Mary Magdalene connections and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Lesley has a background in clinical hypnotherapy and teaching and specializes in esoteric numerology reports.

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Fractal Art Creations

Christine Brennan is a Visionary Artist and Activator of Soul Codes.

Through the medium of Visual Art (fractal design) and Sound Vibrations, Christine develops unique and amazingly beautiful images for activation of Soul Codes and patterns for access to your infinite potentials and gifts.

Christine is specially creating Initiation images for the Sisters of the Rose Initiations which will assist in the transformation process. Each Initiation image is designed to vibrate the codes and patterns included in the particular Initiation chosen.

All Sisters of the Rose Initiation images may be ordered directly through Christine’s website, and instructions for their use will be included. Included in your purchase will be an emailed jpeg of the Initiation image, as well as an A4 image sent via post.

Intuitive Readings with Christine’s own ‘Dimensions of Light’ Oracle cards are also available (see website for further information).

Christine is continuously creating new SoulArt. If you wish to receive FREE monthly images via email or facebook, please let her know on

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Shondra ~ Rose of Light

Shondra ~ Rose of Light works with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies,  with a focus on Sacred Union, from separation to Oneness.  Her unique gifts include the opening and activating the Divine Feminine Chakra System, which she acknowledges as an essential part of each person’s ascension vehicle.

Info and Multidimensional Assessments available through her website:

Jeremiah Lindsay

Jeremiah is founder of Center of Light, LLC in the USA and of the New Earth Center of Light S.A. in Costa Rica.  He, along with his partner Shondra ~ Rose of Light, publishes a periodic newsletter for the New Earth Center of Light with archives located at

Jeremiah’s current Sacred Service is as a facilitator of Awaken Your Light (AYL) Spiritual Conclaves & Intensives and of Sacred Body Integration.  Also included are AYL workshops, teleclasses and teleconferences in Sacred Body Integration, Journey’s Awakening and Spiritual/Energetic Healing (Reiki Attunements, Healing the Masters Way, Shamanic Healing). In his occasional private counseling he employs Spiritual, Energetic, Shamanic and Tantric Healing modalities which have been expanded to include guiding those with a Divine Plan for New Earth into learning how to access their Higher Self, embracing their Divine Nature and learning to be their own Guru, Teacher and Healer to facilitate their own Ascension Process.

Living Arts Media

Kathleen Karlsen, MA is a freelance writer, an artist, and a multimedia project manager. Kathleen has authored over 200 articles for print and online syndication. Her areas of expertise include symbolism, personal growth, spirituality, natural health, green businesses,
alternative education and fine art.

Kathleen’s life journey has been focused on a spiritual search that has taken her through many philosophies and approaches to life. Her interest in symbolism stems mainly from her desire to discover how to use art, visual symbols, music and various forms of meditation and prayer to connect to the Source of all life, all miracles and all healing.

Kathleen has a bachelor’s degree in studio art and a master’s degree in humanities. She has taught both art and music in classroom, studio and private settings. She lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband Andrew, their five children, two cats and a tortoise.

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Linda/Allayah is a healer/visonary and facilitator of the awakening conscious of all life during the ascenion process in 1999,after experiencing a NDE, her higher soul descended and integrated as “Allayah”, which ia the signature vibration of her higher soul.
Allayah is the caretaker of many ancient star energies, including ancient jade skulls, himalayn crystal skulls and a skull from mongolia.

I walk the path of the rose rays and world service to all life.
Be the Change you want to see in the world-Gandhi.
There are no accidents…there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood.   – Deepak Chopra

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Travelling The Initiation Route In Egypt

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