The roses jostle for a place
Within your space
They crowd around you
In your dreams
They gentle you into a state
Of pure happiness
The Rose Revolution is here! (i)


The Rose Revolution has begun.  The Rose Records are being released – beginning with the Rose Prayer book – A Rose a Day – now available for purchase. Soon to come is Rose Alchemy – the Reiki/Seichim integration. Enjoy the rose journey!

When I have written a sacred poem for an individual as I often do I talk about the background of sacred poetry as it began in Atlantis.   Legend has it that sacred poetry as an art form was used by the Sisterhood of the Rose in this fabled city.  Atlantis was the first incarnation of the members of the Sisterhood of the Rose who came originally from the star Sirius. Sacred poetry can be described as an intimate expression of personal religion. In its revived form its purpose remains the same – to link individuals using it to a special ray of energy allied with an intensity of feeling so that they remember their true origins and reclaim their sacred power.  When this conjunction takes place the energy often changes for the better, particularly as the poems are used as declarations to reclaim all aspects of our essential selves.  The poems often stir up old memories – memories of lives lived before – memories of interactions lived in a different context with the same people who surround us now.  If this happens when you read the Rose prayers then release and forgive and move gently into the energy of gratitude and all will be well.

The rose poems all contain the energy of the Goddess in various forms.

I am also often asked about the role of the Goddess in the world today.  My answers are always forthright.  The Goddess does not rule the world.  She is the world itself.  Many people relate to one form of the Goddess and they stay with her as their mirror image for most of their lives.  Yet this is not what the Goddess wants.  She wants us to undertake the journey to rose consciousness.  She wants us to greet her in all her different forms. In fact she demands it!

The ‘Rose’ path is just one of many paths of spiritual discovery. It is one of such beauty and independence that it calls to the seeker who can remember the attraction of the rose itself and what it means.  The person must be able to work alone. There is nothing to carry on this journey except for one’s essential self.  The kit bag is light and can be taken anywhere on the planet without excess luggage being involved.  The sense of deep inner peace that this journey engenders and the ability to watch the outer world, somewhat in the way of a spectator is marvellous.  Only at this point can the truest level of awareness be practised and rose consciousness given space and time to emerge.

The ‘Rose’ journey remains a source of wonder and delight to me and I hope, should you be on it or decide to take it, that you will find it just as exciting.

It may not be an easy road and each person faces obstacles along the way; however once these are overcome the delight begins to show itself in every aspect of life. This year I have found plenty of obstacles – each one has only made me stronger and more determined to continue with the release of the rose records.  After all as the rose archivist it is my role to do this – and I cannot afford to fail as now is the time – not just for me – for all of you out there – all the rose people in the world.

If you feel drawn to this road remember that it is a road of surrender. This means surrender not to the exterior world in any of its forms or manifestations but to the god and goddess within you, so that your essential self, your life and your life experiences are successful in every form and at every level.

It may well change the total focus of your life and take you on a most unexpected path.

To understand the energy of the sacred rose and to see the beauty of this pathway is a revelation of such light and intensity that it is not a path for everyone. Only those who feel they are really called and ready to practice their art and then watch the beauty of their creation forming in the physical world in a meaningful way should attempt it.  This path offers immediate feedback on all aspects of the development of the self, inner and outer.  It does not ‘mess around.’  The messages are clear and specific.  If things are not working in the outer world, then the inner world is incomplete.

Should you feel the discharge of the rose records in your own consciousness you may find it is also time for you to release the information and wisdom of the sacred rose which you are carrying somewhere inside yourself.  I am here to help.  Happy rose journey.
Cris Henderson

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the release of the rose records and the writing of the rose poems.  You are too numerous to list here – however rose blessings to you all and may the sacred wisdom of the rose guide you onto a life of immense satisfaction and total bliss.


My name is Christine (Cris) Henderson, Ph.D., and I am the Principal of Crescendo Solutions. In my role as an international Creativity Consultant it is my good fortune to be able to help many individuals to achieve their full potential.  As I work I meet people from many nations and I love what happens in such interactions as we work in partnership to explore the rose energy in all its forms. I am currently a dedicated carer for my husband who is, as he has described it ‘with Cris’s vital assistance’, successfully recovering from a severe stroke.

As an innovator and writer I focus on assisting individuals to achieve their fullest potential in the face of challenge and change. For further information please contact me on 61-7- 3410-1194 or by writing to PO Box 1207 Bongaree, Bribie Island, 4507 or e-mail

rose-2 (iii)



(i) Rose photo supplied by Lesley Fanelli – this beautiful rose was photographed in Italy.
(ii) Sacred poetry for individuals is a healing in its own right.  The nature and form of the poem ebbs and flows as it is released.  It is an extraordinary process for me and one that usually brings change for the person who receives it.
(iii) Photo supplied by Lynnette Hill

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