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With Quan Yin in China





My whole life changed when as a young woman of 25 I went to Hong Kong. It was here that I began to understand the wider nature of life.

Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, came into my life.

A man called Charlie Chan – yes, that really was his name, took a few people on a trip to the New Territories.

This outing took place after only a few days of what became a seven and a half-year odyssey. It was an overcast muggy morning when I awoke. I had designated the day as my day . I knew it was going to be special.

And in a remote temple in the New Territories there she was, in all her splendour.

My first sight of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy made me aware that there was plenty to explore outside the narrow confines of my education.

During my time in Hong Kong, I found myself gradually understanding the importance of Quan Yin.

When I left Hong Kong a new path opened before me, one that involved the goddess energy.

The Goddess is still in my life and I return to Hong Kong as part of a Chinese family and to be with my friends annually.

I began to teach and information came to me about a group of women called the Sisterhood of the Rose who had been with the Goddess down through the centuries.

Slowly I began to write about Seichim and the Sisters and then connected, over time, with people all over the world, mainly but not all women, who had been receiving messages concerning this affiliation.

Later still information about the Brotherhood of the Rose and their role in the myths and legends of the rose surfaced in a variety of exciting ways.

I hope to share some of these myths and legends through teaching about the rose energy.

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Cris Henderson



This is my testimonial to what a wonderful experience I have had and still having with the Rose Covenant Course. Cris Henderson is an amazing Woman and her knowledge and love come through the course.
I had been looking for a Reiki course for many years. My own mother was a Master/Teacher of Reiki, it was just not appealing, and then I found the Sisterhood of the Rose with Crissie. My heart jumped; this is the course I want.
I called Crissie and my journey on the Rose Road started. This course brings only the best out of you and you, with the help of Crissie do the work. We are the ones that help are selves.
The Journeys are simply amazing. The energy of the Rose is so strong and so gentle, it just floats. I have always been attracted to Roses of every kind. I have always been a believer of the Goddess’ power and this course combines both for an exceptional experience! My life has changed for the better; Fears I have had since a child are gone, I have joy in my heart 99% of the time. I’m still human.
No really I am happier than I have ever been in my whole life!
I absolutely love the Rose energy. I feel more complete. Crissie is the best teacher; she is always there if you need her! I am now taking her Tapestry of Heaven Course and again it is amazing.
The essences are just wonderful to make. Your inner imagination is fully opened and again the energy just flows so gently. I was always searching for more and my search is done I found what I have always looked for; The Sisterhood of the Rose and the Rose Energy!
Thank you Cris Henderson for being you and such an amazing human being, the Divine Goddess shines from within you!
I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to know themselves better and wants to experience the Rose energy for themselves!
Ricki GriegoColorado,USA




“First, what an unbelievable journey this has been- and will continue to be.
I can see now in looking back on all of this that it has been a journey to
wholeness- a journey back to Oneness!
I feel as though in reading all of the various modules they have helped me
to mine out my place in history- the key archetypes I’ve played over the
centuries and contributions to humanity.
I continue to feel a strong bond and affinity to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene
and the goddesses of Egypt.  I’m not sure which of the specific groups I was
part of, the one that most resonates is the Guardians of the Holy Alliance.

Crissie,  THANK YOU, so very, very much for being on this journey with me.
You have been a spiritual mentor, and friend and sister beyond words- I want
you to know that!! Through illness, illusion, heartache, new heights and
revelations, you have provided the mirror for me to see clearly and I truly
thank you!!!!  I want and intend to continue on this path, and am
encouraging others to dive deeper into exploring theirs not in the same
manner as you via the modules, and poetry, but providing none the less, via
words, encouraging notes, prayers, hugs, etc.  This IS the living Rainbow
Bridge- bridges hearts from all dimensions to the point of One!! And….I
know you and I are part of that process!”
Love Susan (USA)

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